Interior Build-Outs

Office Build-Out Solutions in Southfield, MI That Are Built to Last

Office Build-Out Solutions in Southfield, MI That Are Built to Last - interior-commercial-buildoutWe have the resources and experience to create a beautiful space that fits your needs

Whether you want to change the current layout of your office, build a new space or add on to an existing room- the team at T. Harvey Construction has built a solid reputation for building out a space fast and on budget. We can help you transform your space into an area that your employees and customers will enjoy for years to come.

When you choose T. Harvey Construction for your interior build-out project, you are ensuring quality, precision, timeliness and a more economically feasible solution in comparison to others in our industry. We have excellent relationships with numerous subcontractors to help any project move faster and minimize costs. 

Timely Build-Outs Done Right the First Time

At T. Harvey Construction & Management, we will assess the type of build-out project that a client desires, whether they want to expand their retail space, add a new office or build on to their restaurant. We won’t turn away any project that’s presented to us. Our team will seek input and ask questions every step of the way to ensure their commercial build out meets our client's expectations the first time around.

Office Build-Out Solutions in Southfield, MI That Are Built to Last - commerical-interior-build-outsYears of Expertise and Application

Our crew has over 20 years of experience with interior build outs-not only can we transform your space into the area you’ve always wanted but also can handle any problems that may occur during the process. We understand the obstacles that can happen during a build-out, especially when on a tight timeline. Before beginning each project, our team considers any and all potential problems that may occur so that we are fully prepared to tackle any issues that arise.

Our Team Works Around Your Schedule

T. Harvey Construction understands that your business needs to keep moving regardless of the construction projects. For this reason, we will carefully work around your schedule, your employees, and your customers to ensure minimal disruptions. All of our projects are performed in a timely and seamless manner, meaning your business can resume quickly with minimal downtime.

At T. Harvey Construction, no project is too small or too big for us! Let our professional team help you with your office build-out project. Call us today at (313) 468-2560 for more information.
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