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If you've ever renovated your home or office, you'll know that before you can create, it's often necessary to destroy. Space is limited in any building, and only by knocking down unnecessary structures can you make room for the features you desire. Combined with the need to remove inconvenient or unsafe parts of your building, this makes interior demolition services essential for any renovation job. T. Harvey Construction & Management offers these services to homes and businesses throughout the Metro Detroit area. Our team is committed to maximizing safety and efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum, giving you the space you need for even the most ambitious renovation projects.

As a Minority HUD-approved business, T. Harvey Construction & Management is committed to doing their part to help the community and those in need. Our team has extensive experience in different homes all over the area and can provide the customized remodeling and enhancement solutions your home needs.

Common Reasons You Need Interior Demolition in Oakland County

With more than 20 years of experience in Southeast Michigan, T. Harvey Construction & Management has offered interior demolition for a variety of different purposes. These include:

  • Home Renovations - The T. Harvey team provides demolition services on homes of all sizes. Whether you are seeking to remove individual features or radically change the layout of your house, we will remove every part of the building that stands in the way. In doing so, we make sure to keep the structure of the building strong and clean up all debris, minimizing any health or safety risks to your family.
  • Office Enhancements - Interior demolitions allow businesses to open up their offices, eliminating confined spaces and creating a more welcoming environment. They also provide more room for any new equipment, decorations, or structural features you want to add. By providing these services swiftly and safely, we allow you to optimize your workspace for all employees, contractors, and customers.
  • Apartment Complexes - Apartment building owners must balance the demands of home and business owners, as they need to provide a welcoming living environment for all of their tenants. Our demolition services let you expand your tenants' living space or introduce new features that enhance their lives.

Why Choose T. Harvey Construction & Management

With over 20 years of experience in the residential & commercial construction industry, we're constantly delivering projects that are on time and within budget.

Interior demolition is just one of the many services in the T. Harvey Construction & Management playbook. We also specialize in renovation and build outs, which we can provide in tandem with demolition. By ordering all of these services from the same experienced construction company, you ensure consistent results for your home or office.

Even if you choose to purchase renovation services from another provider and select us only for demolition, we take all your other plans for the property into account when performing that demolition. This allows us to make more precise changes to your building, preserving features that will be necessary for the renovations. As a result, no matter whom you choose for those renovations, they will have a strong foundation to work with, and will be able to complete the job quickly and affordably.

In addition to enhancing your broader renovation efforts, T. Harvey Construction & Management is committed to maximizing safety. Before we perform an interior demolition, we examine the building in detail and make sure it is safe to modify it in the way you request. If there are any safety issues, we will reinforce the building before we begin.

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