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Clogs, Leaks and Aging Pipes: Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Services in Oak Park, MI and the Surrounding Areas

Residential Plumbing Contractors: Oak Park MI Plumbers | T. Harvey - Residential_PlumbingBeing proactive about home maintenance is always wise, but it is particularly critical when it comes to plumbing. 

The quicker you remove drain clogs, fix leaking pipes and replace aging equipment, the safer your home and lower your repair bills will be. T. Harvey Construction & Management offers a broad selection of plumbing solutions to homes in the Oak Park area. By combining routine maintenance with emergency service, we keep your pipes in good condition and your home clean and dry.

T. Harvey Construction & Management can fix virtually any problem with your plumbing system, including:

  • Clogs - Clogs are usually minor problems if addressed early enough, but the longer you wait, the more they damage your pipes. We will snake drains to get rid of localized clogs. For clogs that are the result of sewer line problems, we are happy to perform backyard dig outs to reach and repair the issue.
  • Leaks - The longer you leave a leak unattended, the more likely it is to cause rust, mold and other problems that undermine your plumbing system and your entire house. Our team knows how to patch up leaks quickly and effectively, no matter where they are located or what is causing them. If a leak is the result of misshapen pipes or other structural issues, we will provide the upgrades necessary to prevent them from happening again.
  • Sump Pump Repair - Sump pumps prevent your basement from flooding, no small risk during Michigan springs when our state’s heavy winter snows melt. T. Harvey Construction & Management has the experience and training to diagnose and repair all sump pump problems. From electrical issues to debris penetration to outdated valves, we can quickly figure out what is wrong with your pump and get it working again.
  • Emergency Services - If you wake up in the middle of the night to find your home flooded or your water supply cut off, you can’t wait for routine repairs. Our team is ready to visit your home at a moment’s notice, providing immediate solutions to even the worst plumbing emergencies.

As a Minority HUD-approved business, T. Harvey Construction & Management is committed to helping the community. Our team has extensive experience in different homes all over the area and can provide the customized solutions your home needs.

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